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The ultimate lowriding event!


46 Marine Parade, The Entrance NSW

Lowrider Sunday 2023

Lowrider Sunday 2023

Lowrider Sunday is a celebration of the Lowrider lifestyle and culture within Australia that has grown in numbers over the years and only continues to get bigger and better.

It is the largest event of its kind that draws in rolling works of art from nearly every state in the country. Join us for an action packed day with bouncing cars and good vibes!

What to expect at the show

La Cultura Magazine

Lowrider Sunday 2023 will be featured in an upcoming issue of La Cultura Magazine, with editor in chief Joe Estrada and his team flying over from California for the event.

La Cultura has always been interested in exploring lowriding culture worldwide as we have seen with their coverage of Japan. This is the perfect opportunity to show the world how we do it in Australia!

Who will be the next Hop King?

Each year Lowrider Sunday draws massive crowds to watch lowriders from all across the country compete head-to-head in our annual hopping exhibition.

Catch this and more on Sunday, 27th August 2023!